Hi! I’m Satu, reaching the end of my 20s and trying to figure my life out. I’m from Finland but for the past year I’ve been living and studying in Glasgow, Scotland. I’m a post-grad student, majoring in English but also studying political sciences, North American culture and the political & cultural history of Europe. I’m also a professionally trained photographer who nowadays rarely picks up a proper camera, yet I still have a great passion for said art form.

I’m interested in world politics and other cultures. Social issues are near to my heart and politically I’m very much aligned towards the left. I’m a loud feminist and an environmentalist, I practice vegetarianism and dapple with veganism. I try to travel as much as possible. Music is my life line and my heart pumps to the beat of hip hop, my soul sings in the tune of country music. I love reading, languages, and poetry.  I’m a plus size/fat/curvy/etc woman and although I lack of style (or the wallet to afford my style) I absolutely love fashion. I’m all about body positivity. I believe autumn is my soulmate and I’m a cat person who also loves dogs.

To The Yet Unknowing World is my place to share my thoughts and document my personal life. I hope you enjoy your stay.



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