What do I give a fuck about?!

I’ve seen this quote People will make time for what they really give a fuck about on social media lately. Or maybe it has been circulating sites like tumblr and instagram for as long as such sites have existed, but lately I’ve been thinking about it a lot. What do I make time for? What do I give a fuck about?

The truth is, I don’t always make time for things I care about. But if I don’t make time for such things, do I then really even give a fuck about them? I know people say life is short, and sadly it sometimes is, but if we live like we expect to be old, then it’s actually really fucking long. Surely it’s limited, which is the very beauty of it, but it’s also, hopefully, 70 to 80 years for you to do and be million different things. Yet time is precious, you really should make time for the things you give a fuck about. But I refuse to think that just because I don’t prioritize something right now, I don’t care about it.

I started this blog before fall semester begun and I have not been very good & active blogger. I want to be. I will try to be. But I am also writing my BA Thesis, trying to improve my Swedish, studying complicated theories related to International Relations, trying to figure out my plans for my exchange year and see at least few people I give a fuck about once a week. Those are the things I prioritize now. I wish I could include more. I wish I could keep my apartment tidier, I wish that instead of waking up early to study I would wake up early and go for a jog. I wish I had time to see friends living afar, or at least have long phone conversations. I wish I could go see movies and bake more. I wish I would have the energy and inspiration and the time to blog more.

Lately I have been giving up on things that I don’t really give a fuck about. I don’t watch much TV anymore. I might watch an episode or two of The West Wing in two weeks, whereas before I could watch a whole season in a weekend. I spend less time online. I do less grocery shopping and I rarely sleep late. Lately I’ve been valuing my time more. Doing things that either make me a better person (studying) or that really make me feel good (reading for pleasure & listening to podcasts & coloring). And with this new appreciation to my own time I wish to begin blogging more. I have written down million ideas and I really do give a fuck about this blog and writing and creating. I think people try to make time for what they really give a fuck about but they don’t always succeed. But I’m getting better. Time is our real currency, may we all be rich with it, but also use it wisely.


ps. I’m going on a little adventure to Northern Norway in few weeks. Stay tuned for some Arctic Adventures!


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