The Days are getting shorter: 6 New albums from this fall

This autumn has been, at least in my opinion, an amazing season for new music releases. There has been so many amazing new albums coming out in the past month (and the best is yet to come) that I’ve almost lost count. Too many great things all at once! Anyway, since I’m sure everyone loves finding new music I thought I’d share with you my 6 favorite new releases from this fall.

Carry the Ghost by Noah Gundersen

Carry the Ghost
Carry the Ghost by Noah Gundersen | Released on August 21 | Genre: Folk

Noah Gundersen’s second full length studio album Carry the Ghost is almost like a whisper. Gundersen sings most of his songs softly and quietly. To me it feels like the album is almost painfully personal to Gundersen, with songs dealing with failed relationships and the struggles of a young artist. Just like the title suggests, the album itself feels haunted. It is eerie, mournful and absolutely beautiful.

Autumn mood: Early morning fog
Highlight moment: Selfish Art



Wild by Troye Sivan

Wild by Troye Sivan | Released on September 4 | Genre: Electropop

Troye Sivan’s Wild is a collection of 6 moody & intelligent pop songs dealing with issues of sexuality and relationships.  I believe Troye is one of the most interesting musicians making pop music today. In a recent interview he said he loved Taylor Swift for making pop music cool again, but I have to say that Troye himself too is proving that pop music can be cool & smart. Wild is simply brilliant!

Autumn mood: Sunny afternoon & trees with yellow leaves
Highlight moment: DKLA


1989 by Ryan Adams

1989 by Ryan Adams | Released on September 21 | Genre: Alt-Country

The biggest music event of 2014 was no doubt the release of Taylor Swift’s 1989. This year it feels like it might be Ryan Adams cover of said album. To me, as a huge fan of both Adams and Swift, this cover album is a magnificent gift! I absolutely love it, but I also believe it’s an interesting piece of music that creates a discourse between two artists. I love how songs like Shake it Off and How You Get The Girl get a completely new meaning when sung by a raspy-voiced 40-year old man.

Autumn mood: Cloudy skies, gray days
Highlight moment: Style


Badlands by Halsey

Badlands by Halsey | Released on August 28 | Genre: Electropop

Halsey’s Badlands is also in the moody electropop genre and just as Troye Sivan, Halsey is a very talented & smart lyricist. Badlands has been praised to be an “angry-feminist” album, and it is precisely that. It’s powerful, sexy and a bit melancholy. And although it might be a little angry (well us feminists have a lot to be angry about) to me it also feels incredibly empowering. I really want more female artists writing intelligent, feminist pop music like Halsey

Autumn mood: Frost & clear night-skies
Highlight moment: New Americana


Servant of Love by Patty Griffin

Servant of Love
Servant of Love by Patty Griffin | Released on 25 September | Genre: Americana

Patty Griffin has been my absolute favorite musician for years and years and I might be a little biased, but everything she touches turns to gold. Servant of Love is no exception, although it is a little different from the more traditional Americana I’ve come to expect from Griffin. Servant of Love has more experimental approach to folk music. It is a mix of electric blues and jazz, but Americana is still at the core of it. The album is mournful and moody but it has its joyful moments too. And of course since it’s Patty, it’s brilliant!

Autumn mood: Dark and stormy night
Highlight moment: You Never Asked Me

Sermon on The Rocks by Josh Ritter

Sermon on the Rocks
Sermon on the Rocks by Josh Ritter | Released on October 16 | Genre: Alt-Country

Sermon on the Rocks hasn’t actually been released yet, but I feel like I can add it onto this list cause it’s Josh! It’s bound to be genius. So far three songs have been released from the album and those songs share common themes such as religion and nostalgia. Josh Ritter is my number one guy and he is a master of metaphorical lyrics that sometimes takes me years to completely understand. He is incredibly smart, yet he also has the ability to really describe what it means to be human in the most simple, most beautiful ways. I’m sure Sermon will blow everyone’s mind!

Autumn mood: October!
Highlight moment (so far): Homecomin